Government can be defined as “the complex of political institutions, laws, and customs through which the function of governing is carried out”. Governing can be defined as “exercising authority”.

When you exercise your authority it generally has some sort of purpose from someone’s point of view and it’s more often the case than not to enforce a regulation that was put into place. It’s something you’re raised with. It’s just an obvious fact of life. There are higher powers than you that you just plain have to listen to or otherwise you pay the consequences. Anyone who states otherwise is a dreamer. Crazy, a hate monger, terrorist, unpatriotic, uneducated, stupid. However the fact of the matter is that the authorities that come into play in your life are only legitimate because you recognize them as so. They are merely cons to trick you into doing what they want all the time so they do not have to force you every single time physically to do as they please. It has boiled down to thuggery. You do not give consent to any of it at any point in your life and it’s common thought that you have no choice in the matter of whether you are governed or not. It’s common thought that it can’t be changed.

However, by conning the state and eventually when we have the capacity dissolving the state I hope we one day as humans will no longer be compelled by birth to live enslaved to another’s schema. This is what I plan to touch on with this website. Our progress as a species, where we have to go, what’s holding us back, where we’ve failed.


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