Nine Years

Remember while you reflect on the horrors that befell the United States of America nine years ago that my land with the full backing of its population committed further atrocities to innocents across the world and even against its own citizens to respond to those horrors which are still being investigated. We have done no justice and we only drove ourselves further into misery. Nobody has prospered.

We have done evil. Some of this evil was done in the name of God while some was done in the name of the state. Some of this evil was done for you while some of it was done against them. The only way we will ever gain some ability to say we belong in this world and we are not merely parasites in regards to its progress is to together rebuke our ties with the state that orchestrated the evils, whether you supported the state or not at any point in your life.

We pay dues to the most evil organizations of all time. We fear the presence of their enforcers and cling to what measly possessions we may have as tightly as we can when they are threatened. The only way we can get up from this is call out the active agents of this evil for they are cysts on this Earth and they will only continue to damage and censor us for while they are here. They do not belong and we should not be able to say down the line were fine with them tearing this world apart. Are we proud of our handiwork in Guatemala? Are we proud of what we did to Cambodia and Vietnam? To say you are fine with the current evils of this land is to say that you were complacent in regard to the acts of our past.

It will be us hiding at the sound of air raid sirens one day if we do not change, when the world gives us what we’ve been giving them.